The international meeting had a very high participation

Aerópolis has been the meeting point for an important delegation of US and international aerospace powers with companies from the Andalusian aerospace sector. As international guests, the conference was attended by high-level companies: Boeing, Pilatus Aircraft Ltd, Spirit AeroSystems, Collins Aerospace, GA Telesis and Zeus Industrial Products.

Andalusian aerospace companies had the opportunity to hold bilateral meetings with these international companies and present their portfolio of products and services, thus exploring the important business opportunities that the US can offer to Andalusian companies. The event, organized by Extenda in collaboration with the Andalusia Aerospace Cluster and Aerópolis, also featured presentations from US companies and the Andalusian aerospace sector.

Among the positive news reported by the speakers, the increase in air cargo, the open border policy for international travel between the United States and the EU and the growth of business travel and corporate aviation stand out.