The company thus strengthens its financial situation to boost its operational take-off.

On December 6, the capital increase of Airtificial began for a maximum of 21.2 million euros, which will be carried out through the issuance of 235.6 million shares with a nominal value of 0.09 euros each. Shareholders have preferential subscription rights in the proportion of one new share for every five of the current ones. This right may be exercised during the next thirteen days and its deadline is December 19.

With this capital increase, together with the recent financial resources obtained from the Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales (SEPI), Airtificial seeks to regain the profitability of its business through its operational take-off as well as further strengthen the company’s balance sheet.

To achieve this objective, Airtificial’s business plan includes the opening of new markets and growth in other activities applying the existing technological and production knowledge base. The company has an operating presence in 14 countries in the main markets of Europe, America and Asia.

In this capital increase, the main shareholders reinforce their commitment to the company and guarantee a minimum subscription of 14 million euros, 66 percent of the maximum amount.