The company collaborates in the development of new technologies to promote energy efficiency and the reduction of emissions

CESA/HD Spain participates in the R&D activities of the JU (Joint Undertaking) Cleansky 2, a public-private association between the European Commission and the European aeronautical industry whose objective is to ensure that European aviation reduces its greenhouse gas emissions greenhouse effect by 55% by 2035 and achieve total carbon neutrality by 2050.

This ambitious program contains numerous lines of development and has several demonstration platforms, one of them being the so-called Regional IADP, whose Regional Multi-mission aircraft is led by Airbus Defense and Space.

CESA/HD Spain’s participation in CleanSky2 is focused on the development of new actuation technologies for the flight controls of this turbo-propelled regional aircraft. The systems under the responsibility of CESA act on the surfaces of the Aileron, Spoiler, Flap and Winglet tab.

In this first phase of flight tests (step1) in the demonstrator based on an Airbus C295, the on-board systems have been the aileron servo-actuators (back-up of the electromechanical systems under development) and the electromechanical actuation system of the flap tab. Among the on-board systems, the Rudder and Elevator servo-actuators, developed by CESA in a previous project, are also operational.

The next demonstration phase (step 2) will allow the validation of the electromechanical actuation systems for the Aleron, Spoiler and Winglet tab.

All electromechanical systems have been designed to meet the levels of safety, efficiency, and reliability required by demanding flight control standards.

CESA/ HD Spain has expressed its satisfaction for participating in this project together with other companies in the sector, universities and research centers for the development of new technologies focused on promoting energy efficiency and reducing emissions from future aircraft.