Funded by CDTI, the project seeks the development of a new advanced empennage

HD Spain (CESA) participates in the NEOTAIL project ” New Optimized Empennage with Advanced Technologies for Laminarity Integration “, financed by CDTI as part of a CIEN program, Airbus is the project leader of a consortium of 6 companies.

The main objective of the NEOTAIL project is the optimized and multidisciplinary design of a new advanced empennage, taking into account industrial requirements, that is, the development of high-performance equipment and facilities for future manufacturing processes and low-cost, high-assembly assembly. production rates of components and structures of composite material, as an alternative to current solutions in metallic materials.

Optimization is based on a multidisciplinary philosophy, which includes everything from flight physics to maintenance, through structures, systems and manufacturing and assembly processes. The final objective is a new configuration of the empennage that is ready for the industrialization of the new generation of aircraft, aimed at being more eco-efficient, competitive, reliable and resistant.

HD Spain is in charge of the development of the electromechanical actuators and the control unit for the activation of the horizontal tailplane elevator, including an anti-jamming system. According to HD Spain, “this is a great opportunity to improve HD Spain’s antijamming concept and solve the challenge of adapting it to the reduced size required by Airbus. HD Spain is working closely with Airbus to analyze the preliminary requirements and define final specification “.