Indaero Grupo Emergy and 3JIT have signed a strategic collaboration agreement at the Club Cámara Antares, according to which the consulting firm will carry out a global analysis of the company specializing in engineering services and advanced digital manufacturing, to establish an optimization and growth plan, as well as strategic planning and support for business development at a national and international level.

Through this collaboration, 3JIT will use its solid knowledge and international experience in the industrial sectors and in particular in the aeronautical, space and air mobility markets to design and implement a successful strategy for Indaero Grupo Emergy, increasing its product portfolio and portfolio of customers in the aforementioned markets.

Indaero Grupo Emergy is a company specializing in engineering services and advanced digital manufacturing. The company supplies parts, equipment and engineering services to relevant national and international companies focused mainly on the aerospace sector. The company’s mission is to provide the highest quality and flexible support to its customers, ensuring the optimization of its resources during operations.