This extra service makes a phone call to the user in an emergency situation

Komobi Moto, a Spanish company specialized in motorcycle security systems, has launched Komobi Phone, a complementary service to the Komobi motorcycle alert system in its different versions, Komobi City and Komobi Pro, which is now available to all its customers

It is a complementary telephone alert service to the usual Komobi (which sends text message alerts to the customer’s smartphone through the app). This extra service is an extension aimed to notify the user in a much more striking way that their motorcycle is in an emergency situation, since the user receives a phone call, in addition to the usual notification from the app, so it is practically impossible for the customer not to receive the notice that the motorcycle may be stolen.

If the motorcycle is parked, with the Komobi system activated in any of its types of alarm (movement alarm or area alarm), and an emergency situation occurs, the system will notify the app in the usual way of the incident. This notification and update of the motorcycle’s position will be sent every minute until the alarm is canceled, but additionally, with the Komobi Phone service, the system will notify the user that the motorcycle is in danger through a phone call. The system will make a maximum of 3 calls to the user, one every minute until the call is picked up.