FADA-CATEC has worked on a new development that allows flexible non-contact inspections using infrared thermography

The BEST AERO FACTORY project is committed to the development of new technologies that can later be applied in the manufacture of more efficient and safer aircraft, improving the efficiency of aeronautical processes by reducing costs and production time.

In this context, FADA-CATEC has worked on a new development that allows flexible non-contact inspections, obtaining a digital record of the inspection for storage in a database and subsequent analysis.

In addition, in an innovative way, the inspection of composite material components before their curing phase has been carried out. Thanks to these inspections, by means of infrared thermography, FOD (Foreign Object Damage) can be detected during the manual lamination process, and can be eliminated before curing, reducing subsequent rework for repairs.

The technologies designed and developed within the framework of the BEST AERO FACTORY project will in the future mean an improvement in competitiveness for the Andalusian aeronautical industry, thanks to the reduction of production costs, energy and higher levels of social commitment.

The BEST AERO FACTORY project has been financed by the Regional Ministry of Economy, Knowledge, Companies and the University of the Junta de Andalucía and 80% co-financed by the EU through ERDF funds, within the regulatory framework of the Order of April 7, 2017, within the scope of the Andalusian Research, Development and Innovation Plan (PAIDI 2020) in the 2018 call.