CATEC applies aerial robotic technology for infrastructure inspection

2022-04-26T11:57:19+00:0026 April 2022|Innovation|

Within the PILOTING project, an aerial robot has been developed, AEROCAM, which has just carried out its first validation tests Increasing the efficiency of inspection and maintenance activities to preserve the necessary security levels of civil infrastructures aged by the passage of time has become a challenge. This is precisely the objective of the European research project PILOTING, made up [...]

Aertec, the UMA and Telefónica Tech develop a software project based on blockchain technology applied to the aeronautical industry

2022-04-26T11:15:47+00:0026 April 2022|Innovation|

This cooperation of the three entities is the result of their participation in the University Extension Course on Blockchain Technologies, directed by the NICS Lab Research group of the University of Malaga, and in which teachers from Telefónica Tech participate and Aertec is a collaborating company The Industrial Digitization area of ​​AERTEC, an international company specialized in aerospace technology, the [...]

Pegasus Aviación selects LiveU technology to improve its operations in emergencies and firefighting in Spain and Chile

2022-02-22T08:31:20+00:0016 February 2022|Innovation|

The multi-service aviation company deploys LiveU in its fleet to make better use of air resources, both in terms of safety and the information provided by its in-flight operations Pegasus Aviación, based in the south of Spain and with operations throughout the country, in addition to Portugal, Italy, Chile and Uruguay, has turned to LiveU to enrich its forest firefighting [...]

The new Airbus Racer helicopter will include parts manufactured with 3D printing at CATEC

2022-02-09T12:51:19+00:009 February 2022|Innovation|

CATEC has contributed with the delivery of several structural components produced by additive manufacturing (3D printing), being the first ones manufactured with this technology that will fly in an Airbus helicopter The Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies, CATEC, is part of the OUTCOME consortium, which has been responsible for the design and production of the rear fuselage of the high-speed [...]

Héroux-Devtek Spain participates in the NEOTAIL project

2021-12-02T10:00:01+00:001 December 2021|Innovation|

Funded by CDTI, the project seeks the development of a new advanced empennage HD Spain (CESA) participates in the NEOTAIL project " New Optimized Empennage with Advanced Technologies for Laminarity Integration ", financed by CDTI as part of a CIEN program, Airbus is the project leader of a consortium of 6 companies. The main objective of the NEOTAIL project is [...]

Airvant and Catec incorporate a drone to the Postal Service for Covid-19 disinfection in logistics areas

2021-12-02T11:02:33+00:0029 October 2021|Innovation|

The system has been developed within the framework of the PrevenZAL project The Sevillian company Airvant and the Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies (CATEC) have developed and incorporated into the Malaga Post (Correos) logistics center a drone to perform Covid-19 disinfection tasks in critical spaces in the logistics sector in a short time and in an automated way. The system, [...]

Airtificial and PAL-V, the maker of the Liberty flying car, sign a new strategic contract

2021-11-30T12:42:02+00:0025 October 2021|Innovation|

Airtificial Aerospace & Defense has signed a global contract with PAL-V to manufacture different composite parts for its flying car The company Airtificial has increased its contacts in strategic areas based on its partnership philosophy, which implies the creation of a relationship of joint growth and open exchange of strategic information between both parties. This contract consists of the serial [...]

Final certification of the project DREAM: drones for infrastructure inspection

2021-10-21T08:55:04+00:0021 October 2021|Innovation|

It involves the development of an infrastructure inspection and maintenance system based on drone technology in civil engineering, electrical infrastructures and petrochemical infrastructures In October the headquarters of Ingemont Technologies S.A. hosted the final certification meeting of the project DREAM (ITC-20181133): Drones to increase Efficiency, Safety and Environmental Protection in Infrastructure Maintenance. This project has been financed by the CDTI [...]

Aertec collaborates in the digitization of audio communications in the aircraft of the future

2021-10-19T07:07:32+00:0024 September 2021|Innovation|

The AS-DISCO project automates operations so far carried out manually by the pilots The technology company Aertec is leading an aeronautical research framed within the disruptive cockpit concept, which is redefining the current design of aircraft by integrating a greater use of technology in the cockpits. The idea of ​​the project revolves around the use of digitization as a means [...]

New developments within the framework of the BEST AERO FACTORY project

2021-10-19T12:16:28+00:0024 June 2021|Innovation|

FADA-CATEC has worked on a new development that allows flexible non-contact inspections using infrared thermography The BEST AERO FACTORY project is committed to the development of new technologies that can later be applied in the manufacture of more efficient and safer aircraft, improving the efficiency of aeronautical processes by reducing costs and production time. In this context, FADA-CATEC has worked [...]

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