More than 6,000 square meters whose minimum sale value amounts to 3.42 million euros

The Governing Council of Junta de Andalucía has authorized the Regional Ministry of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities to launch a public offer for the sale of four warehouses from the Aerospace Technology Park of Andalusia, Aerópolis. These properties have an area of ​​6,116 square meters and their starting prices range between 818,716 and 884,483 euros, assuming a total minimum sale value of 3.42 million euros.

Interested entities will be able to find out the details of this offer in the contracting party’s profile and on the Aerópolis website. From the publication of the specifications, they will have 45 days to present offers.

The Aerospace Technology Park of Andalusia was born from the initiative of the Andalusian Government to create an innovation space aimed at promoting the development of the aerospace sector in the Region. This enclave has been configured in order to promote the concentration of companies and favor their synergies and business collaboration.

Since its creation, the park has become a unique innovation ecosystem, a driving force for Andalusian industry and a reference point for the aerospace sector that operates in the region, one of the most important in Europe.

Currently, Aerópolis stands out for being one of the technological spaces with the highest concentration per square meter in Europe of R&D and aerospace business activity. In addition, it is the only science and technology park in Europe dedicated exclusively to the aerospace industry.

With more than 4,500 workers, Aerópolis companies invoice more than 900 million euros. The enclosure has a business community of a hundred companies.