Juanma Moreno has valued the work carried out by the auxiliary industry located in Aerópolis

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, has inaugurated the expansion of the Ryanair maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) hangar at Seville Airport, with an investment of 30 million euros. This center will serve 300 aircraft per year and will double its workforce in the next two years, increasing to 500 employees.

“Thanks to Ryanair for wanting to be that strategic ally of Andalusian aerospace that allows us to ‘fly’ higher and further, and for appreciating the enormous talent that our pool of engineers treasures,” he said.

Competitive and innovative industry

Moreno has ensured that, with this new project, Andalusian aerospace continues to become increasingly competitive, strong, innovative and capable. In this sense, he has emphasized that Andalusia has a dynamic aerospace sector, with a vocation and future projection, which generates quality and highly qualified employment, which brings wealth to the whole and contributes to consolidating the Andalusia brand and the Spain brand.

Likewise, he has valued the activity that takes place in the nearby Airbus facilities, where the A400M is assembled, and the work carried out by the auxiliary industry located in the Aerópolis Aerospace Technology Park.

Ryanair project

About Ryanair, he has informed that the project for the next decade is to go from the current five lines to twelve. In terms of training, the airline has been working with the Regional Ministry of Employment, Training and Self-Employment to design training courses based on their needs. In fact, there are contacts with the General Secretariat for Vocational Training to launch specific Dual VET courses.

The airline generated more than a thousand jobs in Andalusia in 2019, among pilots, cabin personnel, engineers and airport support personnel. In addition to contributing in a very prominent way to invigorate the Andalusian tourism sector, by connecting the Region with dozens of destinations through its 127 national and international routes. “With all this information we can get a full idea of ​​the importance, present and future, that Ryanair’s commitment to Andalusia represents,” he added.

Commitment to the sector

During his speech, the president of the Junta de Andalucía has conveyed the firm commitment of his Government to the aerospace sector. In cooperation with the sector, the Region has been endowed with the first Aerospace Strategy, making it a pioneer by having a comprehensive planning document.

It is, he explained, a roadmap with 572 million euros of global investment estimated until 2027, 293 million of public funds and the rest of private contribution. With short-term measures to cushion the impact of the Covid-19 crisis, aimed especially at small and medium-sized companies in the industrial sector.

To these, the Andalusian Executive has injected aid worth 15 million euros to promote their liquidity and that they can stay afloat as soon as possible. Likewise, 150 million in aid have been activated for large tractor companies in our industry.

In relation to this, he has noticed that Andalusia cannot afford to lose industrial weight. For this reason, he has said that he is waiting to know how the aeronautical PERTE announced by the Government of Spain will take place, “which can contribute to invigorate and strengthen the entire sector and for which we are willing to collaborate in that co-governance”.

Thus, he has said that any national plan that is activated must take into account the weight of the Andalusian industry, which exceeds 25% of the turnover and employment of the sector in Spain, and has considered that the future of Andalusian aerospace can not do without developing sustainable aviation, “for what we need tractor companies to support the commitment that is being made in Andalusia”, he concluded.

Also attending the inauguration were the Regional Minister of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities, Rogelio Velasco; the mayor of La Rinconada, Javier Fernández; Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson; the director of Public and Regulatory Affairs of Ryanair, David Simon, and the delegate of the Government of the Junta de Andalucía in the province of Seville, Ricardo Sánchez, among other authorities.