These activities include more than 700 companies in Andalusia with a turnover of 1,500 million and 19,500 workers

The Governing Council of the Junta de Andalucía has approved the decree law by which the Regional Ministry of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities will grant up to 300,000 euros to favor the liquidity of SMEs belonging to the aerospace, naval and other advanced transportation systems sectors, focused on manufacturing, repair and maintenance activities. This urgent and extraordinary measure is endowed with 15 million euros, co-financed with the ERDF, and aims to facilitate the survival of these companies and services linked to the industry in the face of the Covid-19 crisis.

This measure is intended to contribute to preserving a matrix of local industries that makes it possible to rebuild and relaunch the Andalusian productive fabric, capable of adapting to change, with international projection and with the power to attract the rest of the SMEs in these activities. In this way, it seeks to prevent the economic crisis derived from the pandemic from causing a significant destruction of the Andalusian business fabric, and with it, deepening a greater distance with other Spanish and European regions.

The recipients of these non-refundable grants are SMEs from these three sectors located in Andalusia, whose turnover in 2020 was at least 15% lower than in 2019. These activities include more than 700 companies in Andalusia with a turnover close to 1,500 million euros and employing more than 19,500 people.

The incentives may reach 50% of the net fall in income for the year 2020 compared to that of 2019, taking into account that the decrease in working capital is proportional to the net decrease in turnover. In the case of companies that are majority owned by women, the percentage to be applied to determine the amount of the aid will be 55%.

The maximum amount will in any case be 300,000 euros, although these aids are compatible with other subsidies or any other type of public financing (direct or guaranteed loans) aimed at favoring the working capital of companies and granted by any public administration, up to a global maximum of 1.8 million euros per company.

Subsidies will be paid through advance payment of one hundred percent of the amount awarded.
The call for this new line of aid will be published by the urgent process before July 31 of this year. Once published, the applications will be completed with the model that will be available in the virtual office of the Andalusian Agency for Innovation and Development (IDEA) and must be submitted in that same virtual office. The maximum resolution period will be three months from the presentation of the application.